Simple Contact Information Widget

Hello Guys,
I have launched my 1st wordpress plugin Simple Contact Information Widget last week.

Plugin contains following features :

  • Contact information widget saved contact information and display in your widget area.
  • Fully customizable widget.
  • Show/Hide Label
  • Show/Hide Icon
  • Change label and icon by custom css.
  • Change the order of information by custom css.
  • Use the google map in contact information specify height and width also.

Please download and give review the plugin hope you like that and follow the blog for regular update.


WordPress : main different between wp_ajax and wp_ajax_nopriv

Sometime ago I’ve faced the issue with AJAX in wordpress that always returns 0 so i share these artical that help the beginner to work with ajax in wordpres.

wp_ajax and wp_ajax_nopriv are actions of wordpress cms.


This hook allows you to create custom handlers for your own custom AJAX requests. The wp_ajax_ hook follows the format “wp_ajax_$youraction”, where $youraction is your AJAX request’s ‘action’ property.

The wp_ajax_ hook only fires for logged-in users. If you need to also listen for Ajax requests that don’t come from logged-in users.


This hook is functionally the same as wp_ajax_(action), however it is used to handle AJAX requests on the front-end for unauthenticated users, i.e. when is_user_logged_in() returns false. Unlike wp_ajax_(action) the ajaxurl javascript global property will not be automatically defined and must be included manually or by using wp_localize_script() with admin_url( ‘admin-ajax.php’ ) as the data


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